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Negotiation, environment and territorial development. Green Negotiated Territorial Development (GreeNTD)

Written by: Paolo Groppo

Writing date:

Organizations: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Type of document: Work document


The approach presented in this document does constitute a further development of the previous ones, the Participatory and Negotiated Territorial Development (PNTD) and the Improving Gender Equality in Territorial Issues (IGETI). Greening the Negotiated Territorial Development approach (GreeNTD) highlights the increased relevance that the search for an equilibrium between the social, economic and ecological sphere has in our daily life.

Trade-offs often exist across the three dimensions of sustainability: social, economic and environmental. In resources-scarce environments, choices often need to be made between conservation and production options; between short-term needs and long-term needs; and between agricultural development models that affect food security, equity and rural poverty in various ways. Decision making requires a clear understanding of these trade-offs, and of the implications of various possible options. It also requires involving different stakeholders, including private sector and civil society, and developing partnerships for effective action at different levels. The GreeNTD is thus proposed as a possible approach to enhance social cohesion and concerted actions towards the concrete implementation of the Socio-Ecological Territorial Agreements that are promoted at local level, as first step of concrete and measurable actions.

Paolo Groppo

July 2019

The document is available on the FAO website through this link: