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Natural Resource Governance around the World

Economic, social, cultural and ecological scope of access to land and natural resources

WFAL 2016. Plenary Session 4

Written by: Marc Dufumier, Doung Samphors, Francesc La Roca Cervigón, Armando Bartra, Jose Esquinas Alcazar, Candido Mezua, El Hadji Faye

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Organizations: Forum Mondial sur l’Accès à la Terre (FMAT), Association pour contribuer à l’Amélioration de la Gouvernance de la Terre, de l’Eau et des Ressources naturelles (AGTER), Centro de Estudios Rurales y de Agricultura Internacional (CERAI)

Type of document: Video

The videos below are in the original version, without subtitles. Transcripts and translations of the speeches can be found in the WFAL proceedings, in French, English and Spanish.


Doung Samphors. Director of Star Kampuchea, Cambodia

Francesc La Roca Cervigón. Profesor, University of Valencia, New Water Foundation (Fundació Nova Cultura de l’Aigua), Spain

Armando Bartra. Instituto Maya, Mexico

Marc Dufumier. Professor Eméritus, Agroparistech, France

Jose Esquinas Alcazar. Farmer, former employee of the United Nations Food Agriculture Organization (FAO), Spain

Candido Mezua. Secretary responsible for International Affairs, Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests (AMPB), Panama

El Hadji FAYE, Framework for Action and Reflection on the land in Senegal (CRAFS), Environment and Development of Third World natural protection of cultures (ENDA PRONAT), Senegal

NB: There is an error in the name mentioned in the video. It is Mr. El Hadji Faye from CRAFS and not Mr. Faye from GRET.