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Fonds documentaire dynamique sur la
gouvernance des ressources naturelles de la planète

Version française de cette page : Propositions relatives à la question de l’eau

Proposals related to the question of water

Proposals Papers for the XXIst Century. Charles Leopold Mayer Editions.

Rédigé par : Larbi Bouguerra

Organismes : Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer pour le Progrès de l’Homme (FPH)

Type de document : Article / document de vulgarisation


There is no life without water. And water resources cannot be replaced. Water is the key element in a set of life cycles: climate, food, health and environment depend on water.

Nevertheless, water resources are in danger. In spite of the fact that every single form of life depends on water, poor management of water has dramatic consequences all over the world.

Water has become a powerful tool for political and economic manipulation because the interests of some industrial and financial groups are involved. Today human beings should recognise water as a commonly shared resource and good. To reach that goal, it is necessary to break down the logic of trade and to stop considering water as a good subject to trade. A sustainable management of water that would stop irresponsible behaviours calls for recognition of the essential value of water as a social resource.

The Mobilizing WATER Program was set up in the framework of the Alliance for a responsible, plural and fraternal world and coordinated by professor Larbi Bouguerra since the early 1990’s. This program aims to mobilize the stakeholders, to identify existing experiences and problems related to social management of water.

Mr. Larbi Bouguerra prepared a Notebook of Proposals on water governance that standed like a starting point for the work of AGTER on this issue. He also wrote several books, of which « The battles of water. For a common good of humanity ». Ed. Fondation Charles Leopold Mayer and Alliance des Editeurs Indépendants, Collection Enjeux Planète. Paris. 2003.

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